About Affordable Life

Welcome to Affordable Life Insurance!

Affordable Life Insurance understands that your family’s future is extremely important. So we look to provide easy and affordable final expense insurance. Our goal is to make it an easy process for you, as there is no health exam needed. 

Why Affordable Life Insurance?

Affordable Life is an independent broker, which means we can choose from over 25 of the best companies in the country, and find the rate that best fits you.

Our loyalty is to you and not a specific company. 

It is especially important because whatever health conditions you have, we will have a few companies who specialize in that. We can give you the best rate that you would not get with a single company. That is what makes Affordable Life Insurance a perfect choice for you. 

3 steps to getting started today:

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  2. Compare rates with multiple companies.
  3. Our experts will make sure you are approved within 24 hours. 

Regardless of health, Affordable Life Insurance has the plan for you. Contact us at 800-517-5131 and one of our licensed agents will be there to provide excellent service. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the process of protecting your family’s future.