Affordable Life Insurance Made Easy

affordable life insurance

Affordable life insurance is an important step in protecting your family’s future. Lots of seniors focus on the here and now and do not think ahead to their needs and expenses after death. 

Nobody likes to think about dying, but once you do there is a lot to consider with it. With all the funerals, memorial services, or even leaving a gift for your loved ones- who is going to pay for it all? 

Having affordable life insurance for seniors can give you the peace of mind knowing that your family is taken care of. 


Term Vs Whole Life Insurance 

The two main types of life insurance are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term life insurance is life insurance for a fixed amount of years that does indeed have an expiration date. Whole life insurance is life insurance that lasts you your entire life and does not ever expire. Whole life insurance can also be stated as burial life insurance, final expense insurance, funeral insurance, and senior life insurance. 

One of the other benefits of whole life insurance is that your monthly payment would never go up. Your rate is guaranteed to NEVER change, regardless of increase in age or change in health. With term life insurance, after your term expires, you have to get new insurance and it will likely be more expensive than the previous term due to the increase in age. 

Also, your whole life insurance plan can never be cancelled as long as you are making your payments, as it truly does last you for your WHOLE LIFE. When it comes to finding the best life insurance for seniors, whole life insurance is definitely the way to go. Affordable life insurance for guarantees your family a peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands if anything were to happen. 

Steps To Finding Affordable Life Insurance

Step 1 – Consider how much insurance you need

The first step to finding affordable life insurance is to determine how much insurance you need to give your family that peace of mind. You would need to consider things such as a type of casket, memorial service options, headstone, and cemetery location. 

The typical plan generally ranges between $10,000 – $20,000. You can get a quote today or call one of our expert agents and let them help you get the most affordable life insurance for seniors. 

Step 2 – Choosing a broker or agent

The next step in finding affordable life insurance is to choose a broker or agent. Here at Affordable Life, our agents have access to 25 of the best companies in the country which makes it easy for you. Instead of choosing just one agency to go with, our agents have access to every type of plan you could want. 

If you go with an agency, all they have to offer is their one rate. Affordable Life can find the best rate for you. We take in all your health information and find what best fits you. We have specialized companies that help those with diabetes, COPD, and even cancer

Choosing an individual broker over an agent or agency for the flexibility of it alone is a key factor in finding affordable life insurance for seniors. 

Step 3 – Application and Approval 

The third step is the application and approval process. We make this super easy and simple for you. Each company has their own specific yes or no questions that are quick and to the point. A senior whole life insurance policy can be approved as fast as 15 minutes, whereas a term life insurance policy takes a few weeks to be approved. 

Guaranteed Approval

Yes. That is right. Everybody is guaranteed approval. Affordable Life offers a plan for every single person, no matter what health issues you have had. We have several plans for certain health issues and on most of them we can provide burial insurance with no waiting period at all.

If you are a super high risk senior and have had lots of medical issues, Affordable Life even has a plan for you. Our agents can offer a guaranteed issue life insurance or guaranteed acceptance life insurance.

A guaranteed issue means you are approved 100% of the time with no medical exam however there is a mandatory 2 year waiting period. However, this is still an option for somebody who would not be able to get a policy anywhere else. 

Why Affordable Life?

Why use us? Affordable Life is an independent broker which means we can choose from 25 of the best companies in the country and get the best and most affordable rate for you. Our loyalty is with you, not a specific company. 

Get an instant quote today or call one of our agents today to get affordable life insurance.